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April 20, 2011

Wilkerson Here:  Going to have a guest blogger.  JJ is going to do a few pieces for you in the days to come.  So keep you eyes out for her. 

 As the world turns to the Easter weekend, I am struck with how I truly view every day as Easter.  Every day, I am reminded that it is the blood of Christ that covers over all the stain in my life so that God sees me as spotless.  I know I am not and I know that he chose to provide a way to make me spotless in his sight.  This time of year, people turn to consider the sacrifice of a perfect life for those lives who would trust and live in Him and His resurrection from the dead.   Thank you Lord for your wisdom, compassion and faithfulness.  Give me your strength to be faithful.  In You Name all is asked.  AMEN

Training:  Ran 3 miles tonight.  9:45 pace and felt better as the cobwebs of the race last weekend fade and training begins again for the Flying Pig and then the Mini.

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April 19, 2011

Wilkerson Here:  I was looking through the NWHCM web site today.  Went to the trip blogs.  Where people who come on a short term mission trip can post about what they are seeing and doing.  Here is one I thought you might find of interest about medical care in Haiti.

“Today I had the opportunity to work in the clinics here at Northwest. I started my morning in the dressing room where we did the basic intake, triage basics–blood pressure and temperature. It was a major shift in standards that I am used to from the US. We used regular thermometers and blood pressure instruments where we had to manually take all the vitals. I was a bit in shock about this at first, because I was supposed to take their temperature by putting the thermometer under their arm. They don’t have enough sanitary devices to cover each of the thermometers, so the best way to do it was to use the armpit. This was foreign to me, but I just flowed with it, meeting these people where they were and having compassion for their circumstances. Directly after we got through all 30 patients today, we immediately had patients come in to get their wounds cleaned and re-dressed. I felt so terrible for all these patients, they were in pain, but they endured every second of it to ensure that their wounds would heal. It was so hard to take it, but looking back at it now, the people here of St. Louis Du Nord are just grateful to have “some” medical staff willing and able to assist them with their needs. Lastly, I consoled and massaged some of the mothers who were in labor today. I know that the power of touch is an amazing healer. These women go through their labor and delivery with no medication, they endure the experience pain and all. I felt really appreciated for lessening their pain and making them for comfortable enough to fall asleep… one was snoring really loudly after I rubbed and massaged her back and legs. None of them have delivered yet, but hopefully tomorrow we will get to see their beautiful babies. This experience will definitely break down your comfort zone, and make you really appreciate everything you take for granted back home. I am homesick, but I am just getting used to it here, and I wish I could stay a bit longer. It has been a really powerful week. Restoring Hope In Haiti, Nancy M.”

Training:  Nothing today.  Will get back to an every day schedule tomorrow.  Going to turn cold tomorrow night so have to get it in early.  Need to run outside as much a

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April 18, 2011

Wilkerson Here:  If you believe that God is active and can be petitioned to provide good for his children; it reasonable to think the very same thing is going on with those who’s lord is Satan?  They are fervently petitioning their leader to answer their requests with the same faith as God’s children.  Those prayers are opposed to the nature of God.  It should not surprise us that evil exists in the world and success is requested for evil, too.  It should not surprise us when we see evil played out in front of our face.  We are God’s plan to exhibit his nature living in us to others–have faith, the Lord will come and claim his own.  Thanks for your faith in the work of Northwest Haiti Christian Mission.  The work they are doing is monumental and will lead many to the Lord. 

Training:  Was able to run 3 miles tonight.  Faster than I thought at a 10:30 pace.  Legs not to sore but first run after a race is always a little difficult.  Got the results, completed the triathlon in 1:40:12.  Each split was not to far off of what I had hoped.  Place 9th in my age group.  Real good except only 14 in the group.  But I did beat someone.

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April 17, 2011

Wilkerson Here:  Trust it was a good Palm Sunday for everyone.  Had lunch with friends after bible class.  Today Greg offered a new thought.  He placed Jesus on the cross between an unhealthy ego and a humble ego.  He also introduced a majic lamp sort of God.  One where we would need something and just rub the lamp in order for him to handle things for us.  One thief on the cross next ot him, when the lamp didn’t work, hurled insults at Jesus.  The other, humbleded himself and this day is with Jesus.  Which thief are you?  

Training:  None

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20 days to go

April 16, 2011

Wilkerson Here:  Hope you are going to Church tomorrow.  Fellowship with believers is wonderful and necessary.  Also refreshing for us all.  The Word tells us not to forsake the meetings of our brothers and sisters in Christ.  Hebrews 10:24-25  Have a great day of fellowship.

Training:  Did it!  Finished the triathlon.  It was a terrible day weather wise.  Had to get up at 4 AM to get there and get set up.  Swim took a while because it was in a pool so people started not as a group but individually, all 600+.  The bike ride course was full of hills and it was cold and raining with the run to follow.  I did good for me in the swim (which I was concerned about because I am not a swimmer) and did good on the bike.  The run killed me.  But the feeling of finishing was great.  Had two goals for the day, the first I won’t mention and the second was to finish.  Accomplished both and enjoyed spending the morning with my son Franklin.  Then breakfast with CJ, JJ and of course Luci.

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