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Wilkerson Here:  If you believe that God is active and can be petitioned to provide good for his children; it reasonable to think the very same thing is going on with those who’s lord is Satan?  They are fervently petitioning their leader to answer their requests with the same faith as God’s children.  Those prayers are opposed to the nature of God.  It should not surprise us that evil exists in the world and success is requested for evil, too.  It should not surprise us when we see evil played out in front of our face.  We are God’s plan to exhibit his nature living in us to others–have faith, the Lord will come and claim his own.  Thanks for your faith in the work of Northwest Haiti Christian Mission.  The work they are doing is monumental and will lead many to the Lord. 

Training:  Was able to run 3 miles tonight.  Faster than I thought at a 10:30 pace.  Legs not to sore but first run after a race is always a little difficult.  Got the results, completed the triathlon in 1:40:12.  Each split was not to far off of what I had hoped.  Place 9th in my age group.  Real good except only 14 in the group.  But I did beat someone.

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