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May 5, 2011

Wilkerson Here:  A great day today.  Friends and people who love people have rallied to runmarkrun.com.  We only need 47 people to pledge a penny or $7,000 to hit $40,000.  As we close in on the finish line and move to the starting line, I would ask that you pray that in all of this, God will be glorified.  It is fun being  used to serve others.  Taking something that we are willing to do for ourselves and with your help, leverage it for the benefit of others is a blast.  There is nothing we are seeking for ourselves except the good health that comes from a life style of exercise and the fun of doing it with people we like and cherish.  I am always humbled and grateful that we have been put in the path of one another.   Tanner, my son is in town from Alabama where he is a police officer.  They have been going though some really tough times as you have read.  It will be good to see him because we weren’t sure he would be able to get away.  He comes to support me in the race.  It is an annual family event that is enjoyable for us all.  The Grand Nana will be in heaven as her role is to keep Luci, the new granddaughter while we run, in the OneAmerica tent.  Six friends from northern Kentucky will travel over to see us off at the starting line and join the traditional lunch afterwards.  Saturday will be a good day.    

Training:  Went to the expo tonight to get the race packets for  3 Marks and the other team members.  No shot in the foot.  Will have to make a decision tomorrow.  Rule is, don’t do anyting on race day you haven’t done before.   I have almost broke that rule every race I’ve run in.   We will see.  47 more pennies. 

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May 4, 2011

Wilkerson Here:  Preparing for a talk tomorrow.  Do a lot of public speaking and each group deserves a fresh message but sometimes the themes are the same.  Usually those themes are principles that never change.  Scripture deserves a message that applies to the times but the principles never change.  I find them to apply everywhere in our lives.  Totally integrated.  That is the life we are called to, one that has the principles of Christ, fully integrated into our lives.  I am pretty sure it would be safe to debate anyone on the principles of scripture.  They are flawless.  I give thanks for the scripture, God breathed and for all purposes. 

We need you in these closing hours to pledge and contact all you can and ask them to be a part of something bigger than themselves.  We Need You Now! 

Training:  Last little short run tonight.  3 miles.  Foot is going to hurt for just about every step of this run.  Will talk to the Dr (who is running the race as well) tomorrow and think about alternatives.  Will let you know.

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May 3, 2011

Wilkerson Here:  As we get closer to the end of this campaign, it is bitter sweet.  Sweet in terms of actually finishing the race; bitter in terms of wanting more time to raise more money for water, food and the medical needs of the people in northwest Haiti.   It seems we are just beginning and it is now coming to an end.  I wonder if God feels that way about his creation. Will it be bitter sweet to Him, when He comes to claim His people from the earth.  I know He longs for everyone to be saved and none to be lost.  1 Tim 2:3-4  But time does run out.  This may be a good time to think about and schedule those with whom you want to share the good new of Jesus.  1 Tim 2:5-6. 

We are getting closer but need a real push from you.  We are getting many pledges daily as you can see the number needed is dropping.   We need 86 people to pledge a penny for every one we pass and we are home. 

Training: Rest day today.  Tomorrow I will take a little run and call it quits.  Legs are coming back.  Must stretch.

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May 2, 2011

Wilkerson Here:  How do you react to the elimination (sounds better than killing) of a murderer.  I can remember the last time I heard about an execution in  Texas.   What a conflict; the justice that a criminal deserves yet the taking of life.   I know that if my family was threatened or myself for that matter, I could kill.  But for some reason, I am troubled by the taking of life regardless of the reason.  I can do it, but I feel bad that it comes to that.  I know that portion of my spirit is Christ living in me.  Otherwise, revenge, anger and indignation probably would be the emotion I would feel.  Justice must be administered for righteousness to exist.  Lord, we give thanks for your willingness to offer yourself to pay the price justice demands to save our lives.  We are willing to accept your gift and yield to you as our Lord and Savior.  We ask Your mercy for our failures and your strength to rise again and again to face our inadequacies by placing our faith in you.  We praise you Lord in your Name, AMEN

Got some real lift today.  Need 5 more days of lift to beat last year.  Keep it rolling!  Thanks!

Training:  Went out and ran 2 miles today to get everything moving after the race yesterday.  Not bad but sore.  Probably one more little jog and then rest.

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May 1, 2011

Wilkerson Here:  (From NWHCM.org)  In Northwest Haiti, medical emergencies are as commonplace as dusty roads.  There is almost no more urgent or tangible way Northwest Haiti Christian Mission shares Christ’s love than treating the sick.  Our medical ministry has grown from a small collection of medicines in the 1980s, to a far-reaching operation that today includes a general clinic, two operating rooms, a 24-hour birthing center, an ophthalmology clinic, a laboratory and a pharmacy.  In addition, NWHCM medical teams regularly travel to offer mobile clinics in communities across the region.  Our medical services have always been the most affordable in the area, and we offer care regardless of ability to pay.  Most of NWHCM’s facilities are staffed year-round by trained Haitian doctors and nurses.  Specialized surgeries are scheduled throughout the year with the help of visiting surgical teams.  Since its inception, our clinic has been a landmark in the region and has treated thousands of patients, some of whom walked for days from remote towns to get there.  Your contributions to RunMarkRun.com, help to keep these clinics with full time staff and round the clock care.  If not us, then who? 

We are closing the gap with days to go.  We need 109 people or teams to step up and pledge a penny for everyone we can pass.  If you have already pledged thanks.  Maybe you could make a team and put up another $20 so others would follow.  Kind of like a relay with each pulling a leg of the race. 

Training:  Whew and double Whew!  We finished the “Flying Pig” 1/2 Marathon in Cincinnati.  Franklin, Jenny’s husband ran a personal best at 1hr and 34 minutes.  Flying!  Jenny and I were using it as our last long training run.  Jenny was using it as her first long distance training run as she had little Luci, our granddaughter just 12 weeks ago.  We did faster than we wanted because the last 4 miles were mostly downhill.  You can’t resist running faster when it is downhill.  Sad to report, my foot did not respond to the injection.  Hurt all the way so guess like a lot of things in life, I will just have to suck it up.  Can possibly inject it just before the race and numb it, but really don’t know how that will do but now I know I can make it even if painful the way it is.  Not good to do something on race day you have never done.

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