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Wilkerson Here:  How do you react to the elimination (sounds better than killing) of a murderer.  I can remember the last time I heard about an execution in  Texas.   What a conflict; the justice that a criminal deserves yet the taking of life.   I know that if my family was threatened or myself for that matter, I could kill.  But for some reason, I am troubled by the taking of life regardless of the reason.  I can do it, but I feel bad that it comes to that.  I know that portion of my spirit is Christ living in me.  Otherwise, revenge, anger and indignation probably would be the emotion I would feel.  Justice must be administered for righteousness to exist.  Lord, we give thanks for your willingness to offer yourself to pay the price justice demands to save our lives.  We are willing to accept your gift and yield to you as our Lord and Savior.  We ask Your mercy for our failures and your strength to rise again and again to face our inadequacies by placing our faith in you.  We praise you Lord in your Name, AMEN

Got some real lift today.  Need 5 more days of lift to beat last year.  Keep it rolling!  Thanks!

Training:  Went out and ran 2 miles today to get everything moving after the race yesterday.  Not bad but sore.  Probably one more little jog and then rest.

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