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4th Day After

May 11, 2011

Wilkerson Here:    Rest and work are both good things.  Key is to not do them at the same time.  Exercise is a discipline and I am a little lost not having that commitment each day.  When you get used to a cadence that involves something you must make time for around your schedule, not having to do that leaves a void.  I am disappointed that I seem to be able to make time for exercise but I don’t always make time for personal study of scripture.   This blog has been a wonderful way to think and consider the Word.   I often wonder if you like me, tune in to this blog as a way to keep up with some random thinking about what God has to say.  I know that doing this daily blog has allowed me to pause and think about His instructions and will.  I am not sure if I will continue to blog but I admit to using this as a disciplined way to consider for a time each day, how blessed I am.  To think about the plight of others who need help and to connect what and who I am with what I can do.  I know that if I stop, I will feel a loss. 

Training:  Not happening!  Time off.

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3 Days After

May 10, 2011

Wilkerson Here:  We are about to send out the pledge notifications letting everyone know what to pay and the options.  There is always some slippage between pledging and collecting.  Pray that people will stay strong with their commitments.   There are many people to thank for their diligence and long suffering with Run Mark Run.  From the friends in Kentucky to close business relationships that worked to get us needed publicity.  The other runners and associates with NWHCM who got  this technology to work and many others.  It seems very little to say thanks for your efforts and prayers.  It is all I have.  And I offer it to you.  I would be disappointed if you didn’t feel God was glorified from all of this for He is the reason we love and care for others.  He has shown us that as an example.  You are a reflection of Him.

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2 Days After

May 9, 2011

Wilkerson Here:   Well the official results have been posted.  As for me, my goal to fulfill the dollars pledged was to pass at least 15,000 people and I barely made it at 15,373.  I can tell you that in the last mile, just when I assumed I had the strength to kick it in and have a great finish, I had a cramp in my hamstring muscle.  I was ready to count on my body to respond and it was not in the cards.  I did pray.  Expressed to the Lord that this would have to be Him.  I was reminded of His suffering and how little and insignificant my pain was at the moment.  I cannot tell you that it stopped, it didn’t.  I can tell you that as the Lord does in all cases, He provided.  Today I was reminded that He provides not me.  I needed to pass 15,000.  I did; He provided.  I didn’t need to fly to the finish and have a big finish I could brag about, I just needed to pass 15,000.  He provided.   I am reminded of much scripture where God provided, not to mention that God himself provided for us all in the person of Jesus, once and for all.  I honor and praise Him for His grace and provision for His children. 

The other two Marks ran faster than fast.  Mark Graham passed 29,334 and Mark Mullelly passed 30,238.  They are great.  Bet you are glad you backed the slow old guy.  Both Marks love the Lord and the people of Haiti.  They are fine young men of faith with wives of faith.   

Lord,  great is your name.  We exalt you above all and ask that all of our actions glorify your name.  Forgive our sinful nature and replace it with yours by dwelling in us by the Holy Spirit.  We believe that Jesus the Christ gave his life as a ransom for ours and we accept him as our Lord and Savior.  We pray for the Haitian people and ask your support and favor for Northwest Haiti Christian Mission.  Guide their feet and thoughts in Your Name.  All of this we ask in the name of Jesus.  Amen

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May 8, 2011

WILKERSON HERE:  Mothers Day today.  There are many days we celebrate and this one is very important.  I watched Jenny yesterday as she was talking softly to Luci.  I was amazed how this little girl that in my mind is still my little girl, was a full blown and great mother.  So caring and gentle with Luci and so attune to her every whimper.  Almost knowing how to communicate on a different level.  I remember watching CJ as a mother do the same thing to our kids.  The bond is so strong and meaningful.  I know there are people who have not had this love and relationship that is so precious.  I am sorry they missed that love and offer a prayer that they will find the comfort that many of us can return to if needed all the days of our mother’s life.  My Mom is a strong women as well.  She is still working much past the days many would even consider.  There is much I love and respect about her and the work ethic is a powerful example.  Think of the impressionable age of small children.  They open their mouths and take in anything we give them in complete trust and their minds are the same.  Mothers fill our heads with much of who we are and will become.  From my Grand moms and my Mom who filled my head with the things of God, to CJ our families Mom and now to Jenny the new Mom, I offer my love and respect.  They have and will pass on scripture and demonstrate the love of the Lord for all their days and many will benefit and be shown the Way through their tireless love.  I love you all.   

Training:  Only one word for it, sore.  Second word, over.  Exercise won’t end but the intensity will ease.  Got to give a lot of credit to my doctor, Kevin.  Needed to do a quick race interview and then he met me to inject my foot so I could run without pain. Kevin understands as he is a runner and works in sports medicine.  He did and it worked on my foot.  I am wondering how to get a full body injection next time.  People were very gracious and spoke kind words as we passed and we found many who had been to Haiti themselves.  Will probably give it several day rest before going back out.  Plan to move solely to the bike, swimming and weights to see if this foot can heal.  All of us age and it is a bummer.  Head age 30 and body age 60.  That is a dangerous combination but most days I like it.  If you are not exercising and doing things to hold your health for as long as possible, please do so.  It will not only make all the difference in your life, but in the lives of those you love.

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May 6, 2011

Wilkerson Here:  All the troop is here and it is about time to try to get some sleep.  We ate dinner as a family this evening.  Our prayer at dinner was for all little things we would like and a big thanks to the Lord for what he has done in our hearts and all the people supporting us and especially the Haitians.  Thanks to all of you for doing your part.  It will soon be time to do our part.  We will run as our bodies will allow in honor of your pledges–and to see how much we can make you spend for this great cause. 


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