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4th Day After

Wilkerson Here:    Rest and work are both good things.  Key is to not do them at the same time.  Exercise is a discipline and I am a little lost not having that commitment each day.  When you get used to a cadence that involves something you must make time for around your schedule, not having to do that leaves a void.  I am disappointed that I seem to be able to make time for exercise but I don’t always make time for personal study of scripture.   This blog has been a wonderful way to think and consider the Word.   I often wonder if you like me, tune in to this blog as a way to keep up with some random thinking about what God has to say.  I know that doing this daily blog has allowed me to pause and think about His instructions and will.  I am not sure if I will continue to blog but I admit to using this as a disciplined way to consider for a time each day, how blessed I am.  To think about the plight of others who need help and to connect what and who I am with what I can do.  I know that if I stop, I will feel a loss. 

Training:  Not happening!  Time off.

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