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20 days to go

Wilkerson Here:  Hope you are going to Church tomorrow.  Fellowship with believers is wonderful and necessary.  Also refreshing for us all.  The Word tells us not to forsake the meetings of our brothers and sisters in Christ.  Hebrews 10:24-25  Have a great day of fellowship.

Training:  Did it!  Finished the triathlon.  It was a terrible day weather wise.  Had to get up at 4 AM to get there and get set up.  Swim took a while because it was in a pool so people started not as a group but individually, all 600+.  The bike ride course was full of hills and it was cold and raining with the run to follow.  I did good for me in the swim (which I was concerned about because I am not a swimmer) and did good on the bike.  The run killed me.  But the feeling of finishing was great.  Had two goals for the day, the first I won’t mention and the second was to finish.  Accomplished both and enjoyed spending the morning with my son Franklin.  Then breakfast with CJ, JJ and of course Luci.

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