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Mullelly:May 4th 2011

May 4, 2011

Only 3 Days to Go

First and foremost I want to thank everyone for all of your support during the past three months.  I have been blessed to have the support of amazing friends and family during the buildup of this race and I could not do it with out you all!  Many, many thanks!

As we approach race day I feel as though this experience has been a blessing in so many ways, but in way way in particular.  I have been running off and on for about thirteen years now and for the most part I have ran for personal bests or for my own achievements.  But this time is different, to run for something and someone else has really made running more meaningful to me.  No longer am I running for medals or accolades, this time I’m running for a group of people who suffer daily.  A group of people that do not have the same advantages that I do, I group of people that need help just to able to eat and drink once a day.  For this experience and this opportunity I thank God, my friends and family, my friend Cameron, and my new friends Mark Graham and Mark Wilkerson.

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Mullelly: May 2 2011

May 2, 2011

A little more then 4 days to GO! www.runmarkrun.com

What a crazy night/morning here in the states!  I fell asleep rather early and when I awoke to check the time at 2:43 in the morning I had texts letting me know what had occured.  To all of those soldiers who spent the past 10 years fighting for us THANK YOU for the past, present, and future.

Reading this morning about the life of a man who spread so much terror made me realize how beautiful a peaceful, faithful life really is.  Many people live in a constant state of fear, anger, hate, and violence for such a multitude of reasons, I pray that they find their peace.

Yesterday was the first day in several weeks that I felt good on a run.  I felt crisp and my stride felt smooth and relaxed.  I am excited for the race and I am really excited to see all of the head way we have made in the past week in terms of donations.  I want to thank everyone who has either checked out the website or has supported us!  Your support has been a blessing and I pray that we runners may do our best on Saturday in recognition of that support.

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Mullelly: April 29th 2011

April 29, 2011

7 Days to Go!

First off I want to thank everyone who has checked out the site and I want to especially thank everyone who has donated to the run and more importantly to Haiti.  As we gear up for one more week I ask and pray that everyone checks out the site just once.  Just go on to www.runmarkrun.com and see what this race is all about. 

In terms of training…..It has been going well i’m not up to the mileage I would like but I have been running consistant 5-8 mile runs and i have mixed in a little speed work and hill work.  Yesterday I ran with my friend Karl Savage (former World Championship XC qualifer and 3:41 1500 man).  We ran about six miles at a pretty good clip.  I have been feeling a little sluggish on my runs but i have been able to run at a reasonable pace including some mid 5’s repeats on the track.  I do hope that im feeling better next Saturday and that the humidity is down a bit. 

I pray that everyone has a great weekend!  Go for a run!

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Mullelly: April 27th

April 27, 2011

9 days to go!  www.runmarkrun.com

The weather has been amazing here in Philadelphia, highs in the 70’s and 80’s with plenty of sunshine.  The amazing weather makes running just a little bit easier.  I’ve been running fairly consistently for the past two weeks including a workout session on the track.  I’m excited to run my first race in over a year and I may even be motivated to continue my training past the half-marathon. 

I urge all of you, friends and family, to check out www.runmarkrun.com and see what this half-marathon is all about.  As many of you know  Haiti has held a large piece of my heart the last two years.  The money we raise from this race will go towards feeding and providing medical support for the people we interact with on our trips to Haiti.  These people though they lack many of the essentials to survival, and that we take for granetd, have such a beautiful spirit.  They are giving when they have nothing, I pray that you may give when you have at least something.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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April 25th 2010:

April 25, 2011

12 days to go!

We are approaching race day and we need your support!  At www.runmarkrun.com you can donate to feeding programs in Haiti, clean water programs in Haiti, and health programs in Haiti.  All of our support is needed in Haiti especially the Northwest territory.  Many people who hear about Haiti in the news usually hear about Port Au Prince or the surrounding areas, but what many people fail to realize is that the areas furthest from the capital are usually the areas that suffer the most from starvation, poor water supplies, and almost zero medical accessability.  By donating in support of our race in Indianapolis May 7th you can make a difference to the people that need the most support in a country that is generally regarded as the poorest country in the western hemisphere.  Imagine that.  The poorest people from the poorest country in the western hemisphere! 

Take a moment to look around our website and see how you can make even the slightest difference in the life of a H

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