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Mullelly: May 2 2011

A little more then 4 days to GO! www.runmarkrun.com

What a crazy night/morning here in the states!  I fell asleep rather early and when I awoke to check the time at 2:43 in the morning I had texts letting me know what had occured.  To all of those soldiers who spent the past 10 years fighting for us THANK YOU for the past, present, and future.

Reading this morning about the life of a man who spread so much terror made me realize how beautiful a peaceful, faithful life really is.  Many people live in a constant state of fear, anger, hate, and violence for such a multitude of reasons, I pray that they find their peace.

Yesterday was the first day in several weeks that I felt good on a run.  I felt crisp and my stride felt smooth and relaxed.  I am excited for the race and I am really excited to see all of the head way we have made in the past week in terms of donations.  I want to thank everyone who has either checked out the website or has supported us!  Your support has been a blessing and I pray that we runners may do our best on Saturday in recognition of that support.

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