I support the crew @ http://RunMarkRun.com as 3 guys named Mark run a marathon to help Haiti! Join me & give your pennies!


Mullelly: April 27th

9 days to go!  www.runmarkrun.com

The weather has been amazing here in Philadelphia, highs in the 70’s and 80’s with plenty of sunshine.  The amazing weather makes running just a little bit easier.  I’ve been running fairly consistently for the past two weeks including a workout session on the track.  I’m excited to run my first race in over a year and I may even be motivated to continue my training past the half-marathon. 

I urge all of you, friends and family, to check out www.runmarkrun.com and see what this half-marathon is all about.  As many of you know  Haiti has held a large piece of my heart the last two years.  The money we raise from this race will go towards feeding and providing medical support for the people we interact with on our trips to Haiti.  These people though they lack many of the essentials to survival, and that we take for granetd, have such a beautiful spirit.  They are giving when they have nothing, I pray that you may give when you have at least something.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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We're here to raise $100,000 for Haiti. Contribute to us and help provide clean water, medical care and food for the people of Haiti, still struggling more than a year after the earthquake. Join THREE Marks and pledge to support them as they conquer 13.1 miles each running the OneAmerica Mini Marathon.

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