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Mullelly: April 5th 2011

Good Afternoon Everyone!

It was announced today that Haiti will have a new President, Michel Martelly.  I pray that this is the beginning of the long road towards change and reform in Haiti but I know that this is only possible through prayer and trust in Him.   Haiti has long been plagued with corruption and abuses by its government leaders let pray that this time it will be different. 

On the running side of things, training has been up and down throughout the last two weeks.  I did a little track workout last Friday and felt o.k. and then I did a hilly 6 miler yesterday and felt terrible.  I was about 10 seconds slower per mile for my last 2 miles and i felt like I was running through quicksand. 

The race is now one month and one day away so please check out www.runmarkrun.com and see how this race is working to help the people of  Haiti. Many people don’t realize that although there is a goverment in Haiti that government rarely does anything in the northwest region.  These people of the northwest are often left to fend for themselves and rarely eat properly, see doctors, drink clean water, or are unabused.


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