I support the crew @ http://RunMarkRun.com as 3 guys named Mark run a marathon to help Haiti! Join me & give your pennies!



Wilkerson Here:  Thanks, we hit $20,000.  Can we get to $30,000.  I heard a story today about a destitute women who lived next to an unbeliever who was very critical of her prayerful attitude.  One day he overheard her praying and asking that somehow God would provide food as she had none and was out of money.  The unbeliever quickly ran, purchased groceries and placed them at her door, rang the door bell and hid.  When the woman came out and saw the groceries, she immediately began praising the Lord.  The unbeliever jumped out and scoffed at her that God didn’t provide the groceries, he himself had purchase the food.  She replied _______(you furnish her comment).   All the world is used in God’s plans.  Who knows how God will use your pledge in His plan.  You can be sure He will use whatever you can offer.  After all, He fed 5,000 with just five loaves of bread and two fishes.  Matt 14:15-18

Training:  None.  Have to stay off the foot for 48 hours.  So I will find out how it is on Friday evening or may just wait till I run the “Pig” to find out.  The race is called the Flying Pig because P&G used to run the pigs through downtown to the rendering factory in the old days.   Learned in the past that you don’t lose the training by resting well before these races.

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We're here to raise $100,000 for Haiti. Contribute to us and help provide clean water, medical care and food for the people of Haiti, still struggling more than a year after the earthquake. Join THREE Marks and pledge to support them as they conquer 13.1 miles each running the OneAmerica Mini Marathon.

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