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Wilkerson Here:  Over 200 killed and over 1000 injured from weather.  I have family in Alabama who are without electricity, phone service (wireless) and Internet.  Their friends homes are gone or damaged.  They are OK, others are not.  Lives shattered in a matter of minutes.  The loss of life is tragic and devastating to loved ones.  As the future unfolds, I am reminded we live in a great country where people can and will rebuild.  Lost life however cannot be replaced.  Lord, we offer a prayer for those who morn for the family members lost to them and returned to You.  Only You can give the comfort necessary and we know from Your suffering on earth that You understand with perfection our sorrow and needs.  You promise comfort and we ask for your liberal grace for those who need it now.   In Your Name we ask,  AMEN

As I contemplate our family in Alabama struggling without gas, electricity, water and the difficulty of keeping food, I am reminded that the people of Haiti struggle with this every day from the moment they are born till the day they die.  Progress to repair the storm ravaged portions of the United States will be slow but sure.   Rebuilding in Haiti will be so much slower and yet with help, it will happen too.  Your generosity through Run Mark Run will help bring clean water, food and needed medical attention leading to hope for many.  We just need 133 more people to offer a penny for everyone we pass to surpass want was contributed last year.  If each person will ask a few friends to add their support, we will get there.  Always, I am so appreciative of you following our journey and helping us provide life support for others unable to help themselves.  You are a part of the journey.

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We're here to raise $100,000 for Haiti. Contribute to us and help provide clean water, medical care and food for the people of Haiti, still struggling more than a year after the earthquake. Join THREE Marks and pledge to support them as they conquer 13.1 miles each running the OneAmerica Mini Marathon.

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