I support the crew @ http://RunMarkRun.com as 3 guys named Mark run a marathon to help Haiti! Join me & give your pennies!


6 Days to Go

Wilkerson Here:  How do we get outside of ourselves?  Heard a presentation asking, who is the King of our life.  In a democracy we vote and our voice is heard.  As a people we are encouraged to go for things and be the one who makes it happen.  Our nature is to buck the establishment and be different, ourselves, unique and one of a kind.  That is put so deeply into us we think, it is all about me.  It isn’t?  We are our own King, so says our human nature.  The only way we can change that is to replace our nature with God’s.  It is found in Christ.  Any good we do outside ourselves is from Him.  I give thanks for your gifts to Run Mark Run, going to the Haitian people. 

Training:  Did 3 miles easy today to see how my foot would hold up.  So far, so good.  Will let you know after the 13.1 tomorrow.  Looks like we will be doing it in a thunderstorm.

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We're here to raise $100,000 for Haiti. Contribute to us and help provide clean water, medical care and food for the people of Haiti, still struggling more than a year after the earthquake. Join THREE Marks and pledge to support them as they conquer 13.1 miles each running the OneAmerica Mini Marathon.

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