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mark graham…I have been back from Haiti for almost a week now and still working to process through the entire trip.  I was overwhelmed with all that we experienced to say the least.  We spent a good part of our trip in a community called LaComa.  It’s a beautiful community in a desert like setting.  The people there are incredible and the new church there is thriving.  It was so encouraging to see their passion for God and for the people of their community.  Our goal going forward is to establish a partnership between us here in the states and the church in LaComa.  I can’t wait to see how that begins to play out.

I got the chance to see the new Sun Spring water filter that is in place at the main mission campus.  What an encouragement to see it in action.  It will provide limitless clean water for the campus.  They want to buy 10 of them for their campuses around the northwest, but right now they only have 2.  They $23,000+ so it makes it hard to get them.  That’s where your help comes in.  We need you to contribute and post all over your facebook and twitter about the cause.


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