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29 days to go

Wilkerson Here:  A day late so I will hit this twice today.  If I was writing this yesterday here’s what was on  my mind.  Returned yesterday to see Luci my new granddaughter.  Life is given to each of us as individuals and to some of us we are given additional life for which we bear some or all the responsibility.  Babies and small children are a trusting sort and will open their mouths and take in what ever we give.  Their minds are the same.  I believe there are those outside our families for whom we bear some responsibility.  The poor, needy and helpless.  With our children and family we can have a direct response, with others we can only offer part of our resources.  We don’t have to be the one who feeds or cares for others, we must have the faith it will be done and make sure it can be done.  As I can see and touch Luci, I can close my eyes and see the children, adults and elderly of Haiti for whom we all are engaged to help.  Close your eyes and imagine the smiles your contribution bring with clean water, food and needed medical help.  Thanks for doing your part and I hope your soul rests in a moment of satisfaction.   

Training:  So happy to be in familiar territory.  Weather is going to be bad all weekend so couldn’t wait to get out in the sunshine even though I was dead on my feet.  Don’t sleep well on planes.  Biked 15 miles on the road bike and it was great.  Big hill on the way back and got up to 32 miles per hour.  People in cars always look surprised.  Hard to run after a long air flight so will save that for later today.  One week till my first 3 event race.

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