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27 days to go

Wilkerson Here:  Our friend Courtney Pierce is in the US for some rest.  Thought I would give you some info on the great work she does in Haiti.  She is awesome and her work is worthy of our support.  You can go to the NWHCM website and look under “about us”, and then “staff”, to read about Courtney and all the people who are giving their lives while we give our money.

An estimated 5 to 10 percent of babies in Haiti are born with a serious mental or physical handicap each year.  Many of them never get a chance at life.  Some are abandoned by parents who cannot or will not care for them.  Many others die as children from poor medical care.  Ralph was one of those children.  He was born with permanent brain damage and, despite his parents’ best efforts, Ralph died as a baby.  It was for children like Ralph that the Miriam center was conceived.  A generous donor couple, moved by the death of their own daughter to do something for special-needs children in Haiti, worked with Northwest Haiti Christian Mission in 2001 to build the orphanage that is today the Miriam Center.  The only orphanage of its kind in Northwest Haiti, the Miriam Center is a place where disabled children survive and thrive. 

Quick Facts on Disability in Haiti

  • Disabled children in Haiti are far more likely to die before age 5.
  • Cerebral palsy and autism are two of the most common disabilities in Haiti.
  • Disabilities in Haiti are often perceived as spiritual in nature, not medical.  Because disability is seen to be caused by a curse or bad behavior, special-needs children are often isolated or ostracized.
  • There are virtually no government or social rehabilitation services for the disabled in rural Haiti.

Our work together to raise money for medical needs help all the people, especially the handicapped. 

Training:  Went for a swim again today.  Probably did about 30 lengths.  Worked on some form and breathing.  Sore from so much yesterday.  Ran 3 miles with JJ and Luci this afternoon.  She really likes the run and goes to sleep.  Me, I like being with my girls.  We run together as 3 generations.  Special!

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