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22.days to go

Wilkerson Here:  Tomorrow when I walk into the office, that sign will say the days and  minutes to go.  Seems so close, yet so far away.  As I think about the good news of Jesus, The Christ and his return it can seem so close, yet so far away.  Knowing that as a sinner I can do nothing to redeem myself and that He, God, gave the perfect sacrifice to atone for my sin; He gave Himself; and I am willing to accept that and embrace Jesus, not myself or anything else, only Jesus—–makes close or far away mean nothing.  How will he use me all the days I have?  How will he use you with the days you have?  For now he will use us both for Haiti.  Pray for our contributions to soar, to have good health and I’d be grateful if you prayed for warmer weather this year at race time.   In Him

Training:  No training today but can pass on something I learned last night.  You must shower after you swim in a pool.  Was tired so just went to bed last night after the swim and didn’t shower.  Woke up extra early with a headache.  Determined I was breathing clorine  from under the covers and pillow.  I am telling you in case you learn from others stupidity.  “When you are dumb, you suffer.”  author unknown

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