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Wilkerson Here:  Huddled in a room, praying to God, afraid, worried and full of sorrow.  The Master was dead and gone.  Something was wrong-something-something needed to happen.  What are we to do?  What are we to do?  I have no idea if this was the emotion and thoughts going on in the minds of the disciples after the death of Jesus and before the resurrection.  As I ponder the scriptures and think of my reactions to it all, scattered with scattered thinking is what I am sure I would have done.  Many will come to Church tomorrow to seek and ask “What are we to do?”.  On the other spectrum, some will come for the second annual visit to Church (other is Christmas).   I give thanks to our Brother, the first of us willing to offer his life as a sacrifice for my life which is nonredeemable by any other means.  The rest of us are the Church.  Like Jenny said in one of her blogs, getting consistantly into a community of believers is key to spiritual growth.  It is a place where we huddle, and pray to God,  some afraid, some worried, and some full of sorrow.   There, something will happen, there we will learn what we are to do.  HE IS RISEN– Matthew 28: 6,  and he lives in us– Galatians 2:20.  Enjoy the Lord!

Training:  Ran 4 miles on Thursday.  I usually listen to the IPod and chose Ray Boltz, Moments of the Heart.  I don’t know if it is just the time of the year all coming together, but cried through at least half the run.  Wonderful music and wonderful words.  Worshiping while running is a great combination.

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