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Mullelly:March 18th 2011

Elections and Aristide are the hot topics in Haiti this weekend!

For those of you who do not know, this weekend will be an important one in Haiti, finally time to find out who will be the next President.  The election will pit the two run-off winners against each other to see who will replace Rene Preval as President.  The two run off winners, Mirlande Manigat and Michel Martelly, will vie to return order to this nation devasted by disease, poverty, and destruction.   Added to the difficult situation that is elections in Haiti will be the arrival of former and ousted President Jean-Betrand Aristide.  Aristide served two partial terms in Haiti only to be ousted in coups both times.  The last two months have seen the arrival of two former leaders of Haiti, Duvalier and Aristide.  I pray that everyone reading this realizes the difficulties Haiti has during times of election, this year will be difficult with all of these outside circumstances.  Pray that this weekend goes smoothly and that the people have Haiti may finally have a leader who is committed to the WHOLE population and who resists the urge of corruption.   Please check out www.runmarkrun.com and see how you can help the Haitian population that gets largely ignored, the Northwest Territory population!

In terms of running which is so very trivial compared to the upcoming events, I have been running consistant 5-6 mile days.  Today i will attempt 6 miles on this beautiful 72 degree day.  I’ve been sticking to a steady dose of out and back trail runs and my return mile splits have been about 10-20 seconds faster lately which is a good sign that I am slowly adjusting to the mileage. 

I pray that everyone has a good weekend and to be mindful of the people and the world around you.  Not everyone is as fortunate.

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