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Mullelly: March 28th, 2011

Good Morning Everyone!

So I am now a happily married man!  I had a most excellent weekend getting married to my beautiful wife Rachel.  We endured 5 inches of snow and 30 degrees, stood outside for the whole ceremony, but she was a very, very brave bride!  I am so blessed to be able to call her my wife and I thank God for her in my life.

On the running front, it was very hard getting out the past couple of days due to the wedding and my extreme need to sleep the past couple of days.  The wedding and all that it entailed took a lot out of me and I just decided to focus all of my energy on getting out today and the rest of this week on the roads and trails. 

I was reading an article in the Economist this weekend about the ongoing problems in Haiti and it just about broke my heart.  Haiti has truly yet to recover from the earthquake last year that killed more then 200,000 people, left hundred of thousands homeless, and completely ravaged a country already suffering.  There are so many problems down in Haiti right now that the situation seems hopeless, but if we truly believe this then we are in as much trouble as Haiti.  For if we we give up hope in Haiti then we have given up faith in our Lord.  This just cannot be, because through Him all things are possible.  All things.  Be the hope that Haiti needs so badly right now, be the hope for the hopeless!  Please check out all of the available and proven resources to help Haiti including my personal favorites; www.runmarkrun.com and www.nwhcm.org 

the Economist articles:  http://www.economist.com/node/18390094?story_id=18390094&CFID=160283871&CFTOKEN=56300744


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