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Mullelly: March 11th 2011

We had some rain here in Philadelphia over the past 24 hours and it made for an interesting run yesterday afternoon.  I did about 6 miles through the rain, through the hills, and even through the creek.  As I was running down the trail at Pennypack I came upon the Pennypack Creek fully over its embankment and so I just shrugged my shoulders and ran through about 1-2 ft. of rushing water.  Not the most intelligent thing i have ever done but it was fun!  I’m hoping today i’ll stay a little bit drier.

I pray that all of you reading this will check out two sites today or this weekend, www.runmarkrun.com and www.nwhcm.org .  These two sites will give you a good idea of what this campaign is all about.  Although a lot of things have happened around the world in the past few weeks, months, and year the people of Haiti should not be pushed back from the front page news.  A country starving, dying of preventable disease, and strugglish to hold on to hope should never be off the front page.  Check those websites out and see how you can make a difference.

Lastlyand most importantly this weekend  please pray for the people of Japan and the Pacific this weekend.  Speechless is all I can say when seeing the footage and reports coming from an area devasted by an earthquake and a tsunami.

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