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March 6, 2011

Wilkerson Here:   Enjoyed the morning drinking coffee with my best friend, CJ.  We talked about what it means to be holy and perfect and many other topics.  Love those relaxed coffee talks.  One of the conversations points we came across was the use of God’s Word in all our decisions and behavior.  Not separating the world and Church but rather integrating the elevated persona of the Lord into the world.  Ethical decisions for example.  Infusing God’s word into those decisions lead to the best answer when faced with an impossible situation.  Not all things are black and white in the world.  In fact, I find a lot of “shades of gray”.

Training Prep:

Went swimming yesterday.  Getting better but still a good thing the pool is only 4′ deep.  Ran 3 miles today.  I am trying to change my style in hopes of less pain and improvement.  Trying the natural running style.  I really like it as it forces me to run correctly.  New style of course causes stress on new places.  Was a lot faster with less effort for sure.

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