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March 28, 2011

Wilkerson Here:  Mark Graham one of the other runners of RMR is headed to Haiti soon.  He works with a very large youth group and they are going to help.  They will be gathering information to be used to determine the needs of comunities out in the far reaches of the northwest region.  The hope is to partner with organizations and Churches here in the States so that trips of service can better pinpoint the work needing to be done well ahead of time.  Also to provide consistency to the work,  group after group in each village.  Getting to know the people will give opportunities to make lasting progress.  Pray for Mark and his team.  Perhaps a pledge to Mark Graham for his race for clean water,  Mark Mullelly for food or Me for Medical needs?  We are inside the 40 days until race time so pledge now.   Thanks

Training:  Good night tonight, felt pretty good.  Got new orthodics and they seemed to help tonight.  Swam 24 lenghts and ran 3 miles.  After yesterdays workout,  I was ready to quit today when time was up.   Mondays are hard on all counts.   Headed out of the country for a week.  Wondering if I will be able to get swimming in at the hotel.  No biking so maybe only running for a week.

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