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March 27, 2011

Wilkerson Here:  Sitting in Church this morning, the topic was “Small Acts, Big Difference”.  Got me to thinking.  As we age, our careers and health start to diminish, is that the beginning of the end?  Or is it the start of a new beginning.  We get so used to doing things a certain way that when stuff hits us that appears to be negative or limiting how do we see it?  Seems to me as we age and no longer can do certain things, because of our experiences, we can do new things.   As we are not as sharp at our careers, we have a chance to do new work.  And as the ability to do stuff that requires strength fades, we can turn to doing things we have never done that requires a different kind of strength.  End or beginning?  As for me, I pick new things to do.  The spirit in me says, when limited, look for the limitless and be sure to do the small acts.  Thanks for your contribution to Haiti.  No matter how small, it makes a big difference. 

Training:  Church this morning, then a Brick day.  Rode the bike (trial bike, yuk) 12 miles, then ran 3 miles.  It was cold but felt good to do.  Got to see Luci, my Granddaughter this afternoon.  What a great day.  Hope yours was, too.

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