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March 26, 2011

Wilkerson Here:  Went to a Christian Concert last night in Cincinnati, Winter Jam.  One of the sponsors was K-Love radio a wonderful uplifting radio station.  While I like some of the artist’s music, some is a little to much rock for me but not the kids.  And it was great to see the all the kids and offered a diversion for some good friends who needed something different in their lives.  The message of the music and of the people who put it on is a vital method of conveyance.  To experience worship while enjoying music in a place of abundance is great.  That is a hope for the people and children of Haiti.  To find hope in circumstances that we consider dire is a sight to behold.  In Haiti it happens but not without our help.  Our caring for their physical needs gives us the chance to help with spiritual needs.  Clean water, food and medical help are all basics we can get to with ease.  For many of them it is days and certainly hours just getting to the basics.  Lets give thanks for our abundance and give money out of our gratitude to the works going on to minister to Haiti.  Go back a page and if you haven’t, plepledge something.  Time is running short to race time.  Thanks

Training:  Ran 3 miles yesterday morning.  Felt pretty good.   Foot guy is doing some orthotic adjustments so we will see if it helps.  Detected a shoe problem and was able to adjust so now just more running will tell.  Going to swim, run and walk a longer distance today.  Will Run and Bike tomorrow if the weather holds.

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