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March 17, 2011

Wilkerson Here:  I like passionate people .  I was just listening to a discussion on men who show emotion.  Some pro some con.  I remember a book called “Switch” .  The central theme is getting people to change.  The authors put forth that there are two parts of a person or group.   The example used is an elephant and rider.  The rider is our rational person who tries to steer and control the very large elephant or our emotions.  Passionate people seem to just steer the elephant toward its emotions.  Seems to me when rational thinking and emotions are lined up it is powerful.  I am an emotional person, sometimes when things line up, it is humbling and the feeling of joy is overwhelming.  Sometimes when talking about things close to my heart, the sheer importance of the subject can be overwhelming.  I know one thing, while I would prefer not to show emotion pubically, I wouldn’t kn0w how to live without it.  Fuels me!  I am passionate about helping the efforts of North West Haiti Christian Mission.  Those passionate people are giving of their lives for the people of Haiti, they deserve our support.  PLEDGE NOW! 

Training Prep:  Trained on all three events for the triathlon this morning early.  Swam (did the full distance without stopping), Biked (spinning) for 45 minutes and ran for 15 minutes.  Wew!   Fun to accomplish the work.  Best part is starting and finishing.  Gives me energy.

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