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March 12, 2011

Wilkerson Here:   Looking for a thought to record tonight, I am watching my granddaughter, Luci.  Decided to focus on children, go figure.  The children of Haiti may be loved as much as this little girl, but they face sickness, hunger and medical needs we can’t imagine.  Having little food, clean water and not much hope if there is a severe medical problem is common there.  I give thanks for our abundance and your generosity to support the children of Haiti.  It makes a difference one penny at a time.   As we are the children of God, “let us love not just in words or speech but with actions and in truth”.  1 John 3:18

Training Prep:  Went swimming today.  Had a much better day.  Getting the breathing down.  Have to do 18 lengths of the pool in the race and did 36 today in total.  Still have to do all 18 without stopping.   Used a floating device you put in between your legs.  Can’t kick but your rear end doesn’t sink either.  Allows you to work on other stuff like breathing and technique.  Tempted to swim with one.

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