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37 days

Wilkerson Here:  How fast the time is going.  Wonder how fast the day would go if my only goal for the day was to walk miles for water (maybe clean maybe not), scrounge for food (make a little spread out to several mouths), worry about my families health and just wonder what will happen.  Wonder how fast the day/days would go if every day was like this one and the next, the same as the last.  We are blessed with clean water, food, medicine and a lot of external stimulation.  How about we take just a few minutes to remember those who don’t share that blessing.  There are people in Haiti who would trade our  worst day and claim it as their best.  Keep passing our web site on–we need your help. 

Training:  Got up very early so I could get in the days training before traveling for 14 hours.   Did a 20 lap swim and ran 3 miles.  All is well except my rear end is an anchor.  Wished it floated better.  Think I am working out how the foot will pace.  Seems I can run till it hurts enough and walk some which calms it allowing me to run about the same distance again before it starts again.  Must be a friction point.  But that’s good as it will force a pace.  Probably won’t pass as many this year but what great inspiration your support was last year and will be again this year.  Because I am so slow, you will up the pennies per person passed?  LOL

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