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mark graham…It’s been raining like crazy today.  My yard resembles a swamp at this point.  The tiny creek next to my house actually has water in it.  As I watch it rain I can’t help but think that we will use all of this water for drinking, bathing, watering our yards, etc.  We can because we have a way to turn it in to something pure.  I continue to look back on that moment I witnessed a man drink straight from a dirty puddle.  I was taken back but he went about it as if it were normal.

I think back to the truck rides we took and the creeks we drove past.  They were  overflowing with trash and waste.  The smell was overwhelming.  It took your breath away and yet people were out there with buckets gathering water.  They were using it to wash their clothes.  This was their normal.  It was far from my normal.  That’s not something we have to see everyday.  We wouldn’t stand for that here and yet others around the world have to deal with daily.  It is time that we stood together and took action so that others might have the same  luxury we have, clean water.

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