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mark graham…We just had our first team meeting for our Haiti trip last night.  The room was just buzzing with eager anticipation as we launched in to the day to day details of what we were going to be doing.  The students sat and soaked in all the info I was throwing at them.  We have a team of 20 and most of the are high school students, which is awesome!  They have a heart to love on the people of Haiti.  A few of them are going back for a second time, but most for the first.

It’s hard to prepare them for all they will get to experience.  The sights, sounds, smells, people.  There is so much to take in.  It can be overwhelming from the moment you walk off the plane.  But there is something that stuck out to me after my first trip…hope.  So many of the people I met had hope. They smiled.  They had joy.  It was embedded in my mind.  I can remember leaving the country after that trip thinking to myself…I have got to do something to help beyond my time spent on a trip.

Thus my jump to be a part of runmarkrun.com.  I can’t be in Haiti all the time but I can do this.  I can work to mobilize people and resources to help the people of Haiti.  So please consider joining us.

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