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mark graham…The time has been ticking away more quickly than I had thought.  Our Haiti team leaves for our trip in just over a week and a half.  It seems like we had more time than that.  None the less my excitement has started to build in anticipation of being back among people I have come to love and respect.  The Haitian people I connected with the last time I was there may not remember me but they have left an impact on me.

I can remember a boy named Junior.  We met on the very first night I was there last year.  He just wanted to stand by me and hold my hand.  He knew only broken English but we found ways to communicate.  The next day our team went on a whirlwind trip through the northwest area and didn’t return for 5 days or so.  The day we returned we ventured out to hand out groceries and the moment I stepped outside of the wall of the main mission Junior found my hand.  I felt his hand slip in to mine and then I looked over and there he was just smiling up at me.  I can still remember a smile forming on my face in that moment.  He walked down through town with me and back to the mission again.

It’s hard for those that have never had the chance to visit Haiti to understand the way it attaches itself to your heart.  Even I type these words my heart is pounding a bit faster thinking back over the smiling faces of the kids or the chance to run and play soccer.

Join with us in making a difference in the life of the people of Haiti.

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