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February 7, 2011

About Medical Help in Haiti:

In Northwest Haiti, medical emergencies are as commonplace as dusty roads.  There is almost no more urgent or tangible way Northwest Haiti Christian Mission shares Christ’s love than treating the sick.  Our medical ministry has grown from a small collection of medicines in the 1980s, to a far-reaching operation that today includes a general clinic, two operating rooms, a 24-hour birthing center, an ophthalmology clinic, a laboratory and a pharmacy.  In addition, NWHCM medical teams regularly travel to offer mobile clinics in communities across the region.  Our medical services have always been the most affordable in the area, and we offer care regardless of ability to pay.  Most of NWHCM’s facilities are staffed year-round by trained Haitian doctors and nurses.  Specialized surgeries are scheduled throughout the year with the help of visiting surgical teams.  Since its inception, our clinic has been a landmark in the region and has treated thousands of patients, some of whom walked for days from remote towns to get there.  

Training Prep:

MRI in the morning.  Will let you know tomorrow what they have to say.  No work tonight.  Double up tomorrow.  Great thing about cross training, you can do weights on the same day as cardio work.   Wish me luck–

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