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February 6, 2011

Spiritual Prep:

Superbowl Sunday is today.  Have a friend who is at the game today.  But he is there for a reason other than the game.  Wayne is using his courage to follow his conviction.  He is handing out “Two Minute Warning” cards, asking people to consider the Lord.  The cards are really well done.  I know most will end up in the trash but—he is doing it along with others because they love people as God loves people.  They want what God wants, people to come to him through Jesus.   My favorite team today is Wayne’s team.  On the back of the card is a statement that all of our pictures are on God’s refrigerator.  Wayne, your card is on my refridgerator to remind me of your efforts for the Gospel.  Thanks for putting your beliefs into action.  U R an MVP!  

Training Prep:

Doing weights this afternoon before eating a chicken wing or two or three or—–Stop!  Or I will have to eat less and pedal further tomorrow.  Not a good habit to get into, eating at random knowing you can exercise it away.  And bet you can’t eat just one-or two-or STOP!

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