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February 5, 2011

Spiritual Prep:

Taxes!  That time of the year.  Yuk! On the other hand, we enjoy a lot of great things in this country because of taxes.  One that comes to mind as I consider Haiti, is the roads.  Trust me that no matter how bad the potholes become, you ain’t seen nothing till you have been in the back of a tap-tap (what they call private transportation for hire) in the northwest region of Haiti.  There are many-many other great things we have in the USA, that taxes provide (helps my spirit feel better to keep this comparison in mind).   I am also drawn the the charitable contribution portion of my return.  How about you?  Think runmarkrun.net!  Pass it on.  Thanks

Training Prep:

About to do an hour of running.  Snowing outside so inside it is.  CJ is on the treadmill for now so probably will start on the elliptical and transfer when she is finished.  As I watch her, I admire her for the determination to stay healthy.  We all owe it to the ones who depend on us (even those at work) to do what we can to stay healthy.  KNOW YOUR HEALTH STATUS.

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