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February 26, 2011

Spiritual Prep:

Was running this morning and thinking about a conversation CJ and I had about a lot of life in general.  Greg Marksberry every once in a while uses the saying “leaning into”.  We were talking about life and the ups, downs, uncertainties and blessings.  Our discussion involved how we move forward and that saying “leaning into”  seemed appropriate.  The term comes from and can be applied to most situations where effort is needed to progress, defend and maybe just hold on ourselves.  If it is the wind, leaning into it will keep you from being blown away.  If it is lifting a heavy object, it helps get things moving.  I want to lean into life.  Don’t see much good in just being tossed about here and there being beaten up.    There are probably some things it is best to retreat from rather than lean into, but it seems being in-between in not a good destination.          

James 1:6-8

Training Prep:

Nice day to run.  About 40 degrees when I went out and was dressed just right.  Did 4 miles total but had to walk the last  3/4″s, and give the foot some time to calm down.  Forgot my good shoes and had to run in an old pair.   It is important to keep shoes current and in good shape.  They do breakdown over time and can lead to some injuries.  Didn’t have my current shoes so had to use an old pair.  They are an old pair for good reason.  But a good day, enjoyable spending time with my thoughts.  Running is great for that.

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