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February 23, 2011

Spiritual Prep:  (a bl0g from a missionary at NWHCM clinic)

In the eye surgery suite, we completed 35 surgical procedures on 33 people. This brings our total so far to 88 procedures on 83 people. Praise God, 83 people have been served surgically not to mention the hundreds who have been seen in the eye clinic. Today, I played with a couple of little girls who were waiting for their turn in surgery. We counted to 14 in French, we colored pictures, we hugged, and we played with an exam glove blown up like a balloon. These precious little ones had smiles that won every heart they encountered.  This is my second trip here with the eye surgery team and once again I am moved by the patients we are here to serve. I came in order to bless them through medical care, and yet they bless me more than I could do for them. Men and women praising God for their eye care. It is a privilege to serve them.   

Training Prep:

Ran 3 this morning.  Inside on a treadmill.  It was at the hotel with a TV and all the trimmings.  Could not believe how crowded it was this morning.  Great to see.  I hope people are waking up to the value of exercise for good health.  People in poor health that could be prevented are not much  good to those who depend upon them.  I hear a lot of excuses  about no time.  Guess when they are disabled or gone, they will have time.  Someday is today.   

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