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February 19, 2011

Spiritual Prep:

The Lord shows Himself in so many ways we sometime miss it because we are so involved in the world. To pause and ponder His work is so good for your spirit. I am relaxing here this morning with a cup of coffee, reviewing the new website and enjoying the work and appreciating some very talented people. It is the true definition of teamwork, “dividing the work and multiplying the result”. God has allowed us to be part of his work and He will multiply our result. Lord, bless our effort and let this work glorify you. In Your Name, Amen.

Training Prep:

I am resting.  When you run or exercise and finally get in shape, rest is not something you want to do because you fear you will lose ground in your training.  However, if you are consistent sometimes rest can be very healthy and pushing on will cause more injury.  It is no fun working through injury.  Cross training is helpful and a balance of:  Running (cardio) Stretching (flexibility) Weights (strength) are key.  Keeping a regiment of each will usually keep you doing something.  You would be amazed how little you need to do that would be helpful.  Hardest part is setting aside the time for yourself.  Someone said “just do it”?

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