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February 11, 2011

Spiritual Prep:

Matt 18:17b   “I will build my Church”    He is building, are we helping with excitement and anticipation?  I once heard a story of some construction people  who were asked what they were doing.  One who was a supervisor said in a short manner, “Can’t you see we are building a building”.  A skilled carpenter grudgingly said “I am only building walls”.  Then the lowest level worker who’s job it was to support the most skilled workers was asked and he replied with excitement, passion and energy, “we are building a place where people will be able to come and work to assist others in achieving their dreams”.   He had a clear focus with the end in mind.  Skilled in knowledge and ability is only as valuable as the attitude that goes with them.  So what are you doing in the construction of The Church, with the end in mind? 

Training Prep:

Weights today.  Really a rest day but took one yesterday so must do today.  Looking forward to tomorrow.  We will be shooting a short video of two Marks running for the new web site.  Looking for a new web site release next week!

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