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February 10, 2011

Guess you noticed no post yesterday.  That is because I became a Grand-dud yesterday afternoon.  It has been a wild couple of days.  New life into the world is wonderful.  Add to that another warrior for Christ and it is stunning.  How do I know Luciana Jean Baker will be a warrior?  I know her mother, her mother’s mother and a great grandmother.  Not to mention the men that will be in her life.  Luci will know the truth!  

Training Prep: 

So no training till tomorrow.  Back at it then.  Did get the MRI results.  Cartilage damage, osteoarthritus and an irritated tendon.  Won’t keep me from running just painful.  Like my Doctor.  His job is to keep me going and he takes that to heart.  Guess he knows I won’t stop so might as well help.  Will try some therapy on the tendon.  Dr said that if I was going to have a problem in my legs, the ankle was the best place vs the knee or hip.  Evedentlly, the knee and hip will get worse but the ankle will usually not deteriate much more or as fast.

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