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Feberuary 8, 2011

In Haiti:

Most Haitians are Roman Catholic, while a growing number claim to be Protestant (estimates range from 20 to 30 percent).  But surveys have found the vast majority of Haitians – regardless of religious affiliation – hold at least some Voodoo beliefs.  Voodoo (also Voudou) can be loosely defined as a patchwork of spiritual beliefs, practices and superstitions brought to Haiti by African slaves more than two centuries ago.  Compared to most major world religions, it is loosely structured and often improvised by its practitioners.  Perhaps for that reason, it is also not well understood.  Voodoo most often takes the form of animism (the belief that everything in nature has souls or spirits) and syncretism (a blending of animism with other religious faiths such as Christianity).  Voodoo is similar to many religions practiced in Africa and other Caribbean nations.  As in any religion, Voodoo is practiced in varying degrees.  Some Haitians are thoroughly secular.  Others only nominally believe in superstitions and “wives’ tales” with Voodoo roots.  And still others practice it zealously – particularly Voodoo priests, priestesses, and witch doctors.  As with any religion, Voodoo is also subject to manipulation by its leaders, who sometimes use it to gain power, abuse others, and fatten their wallets.   Sometimes the pressure of those around us can direct our practices.  There are many Haitians who want to believe scripture yet they are pressured by their families and communities.  Reminds me of the early Church.  Sometimes we are closer to New Testament times than we think. 

Trainin Prep:

Weights and a bike ride the same night.  Will try not to do that again.  Fatigue the muscles with weights and then try to use them is not easy.  However, the tri-athletes swim, ride and then run.  I have done the ride and then run and it is hard.  The results of the MRI will be in 2-3 days.

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