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I have been reading the book, Unbroken, over the past few weeks upon the recommendation of a friend.  It’s a 400 page book retelling the story of an incredible man.  As I began to read the story I couldn’t help but think…if someone were to write my story how big would the book be?  What a weird thing to think, but that’s what was going through my mind.  My book wouldn’t be nearly that long.  Thus the challenge…am I living an epic story that is worth retelling?

I am working my way through Genesis in my quiet time and just finishing up with Noah.  What an incredible story.  God did something amazing and Noah got to be a part of it.  Noah was available to be used by God.  In return God allowed Noah to be a part of an epic adventure.  I want to live in such a way that I am a part of God’s epic story.  He is the author of the story and I want a part to play.  I just have to be available.

I don’t want to be recognized for my part in the story but rather want my part to point toward the author.

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