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January 30, 2011

Spiritual Prep:

I want to be pure in heart.  Just not possible for me by myself and on my own.  Only through Christ can I be pure in heart and I don’t understand how my dark in heart can dwell in me with Christ’s pure in heart.  But I trust his faithfulness to make it happen.  If you only knew me before, you would know that the Spirit of Him, shows through because on my own, I am pretty dark.   Spent time with friends today in Church and then at their home–all day.  Loved every minute of the time (and food).  Hope they are reading so they will know just how special they are to us.  Love you guys! 

Training Prep:

Weights tonight.  Really happy to be doing them.  Used to take rest days.  It seems I still am but not waisting the time.  Feels like a rest because I don’t breath so hard.  Have you started your program yet.  There was a survey conducted about leaders and one of the results might surprise you.  When work associates were surveyed about their leaders, the leaders that did regular exercise were perceived to be the best leaders.  Others perception of us is our responsibility to manage.  Want to be perceived as a better leader, one way might be to exercise.  Might help your own perception of yourself?

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