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January 29, 2011

The Miriam Center:  Seeing this center in action is heartbreaking and convictis a person to help it operate.  The value of a human life is just not for the hearty and healthy.   This center exhists for those little ones who cannot defend themselves.  To see the smiles as well as the stark condition of these little broken bodies will break you.   An estimated 5 to 10 percent of babies in Haiti are born with a serious mental or physical handicap each year.  Many of them never get a chance at life.  Some are abandoned by parents who cannot or will not care for them.  Many others die as children from poor medical care.  Ralph was one of those children.  He was born with permanent brain damage and, despite his parents’ best efforts, Ralph died as a baby.  It was for children like Ralph that the Miriam center was conceived.  A generous donor couple, moved by the death of their own daughter to do something for special-needs children in Haiti, worked with Northwest Haiti Christian Mission in 2001 to build the orphanage that is today the Miriam Center.  The only orphanage of its kind in Northwest Haiti, the Miriam Center is a place where disabled children survive and thrive.

Training Prep:

Ran 4 miles today.  OUTSIDE and it was so nice.  Sunshine and about 38 degrees.  Over dressed a little but acceptable.  If you go to runnersworld.com, you can design a running plan that will gradually take you up on a plan, to what ever race you want to walk or run.  I am dedicated to giving my foot a rest (as much as I can stand).

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