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January 24, 2011

News from Haiti:

Roughly 50 percent of children in Haiti do not attend school.  For those who do, it is often pricy.  And for those who live in rural Haiti, the nearest school may be miles away on foot.  Northwest Haiti Christian Mission believes in empowering children in Jesus’ name, that they may grow into fulfilled adults spiritually, mentally and physically.  Essential to that end is making sure they have access to quality education.  NWHCM’s growing education network currently includes a dozen primary schools in towns across the Northwest, enrolling more than 2,000 students.  We heavily subsidize the education of every student and, for many of them, provide free school lunches.

Quick Facts

  • Roughly half of Haitians are illiterate, especially in rural areas like the Northwest.
  • 80 percent of Haitian children who attend school attend private schools.
  • Haiti’s per capita GDP is $480 (US) a year, and school fees are prohibitively expensive at an estimated $70 – $80 dollars a year per child.
NWHCM schools target the lowest-income students in a community, offering them classes and Christian teaching from pre-school to the sixth grade.  We provide an education that sharpens young minds and encourages young souls in discipleship and their faith.  Our school in Saint-Louis du Nord also offers classes for deaf and blind children.  Since all our classrooms are staffed by Haitian teachers, the schools provide valuable jobs to Haitians in a region where most people are unemployed.  We also combat malnutrition and hunger through our schools.  More than a thousand children receive daily meals in our school-lunch program – without which, many would eat almost nothing.

Training Prep:

Resting now after an hour on the bike.  Great work and not that hard on my foot, just my rear end.  Have my bike set up in the house on a trainer Frank and JJ gave me for Christmas last year.   Can set the Garmin watch so it show my heart rate, the revolutions per minute and time.  I work to keep the rpm’s around 80 which keeps my heart rate arount 130.  Will start weights tomorrow.  The schedule will be to do weights on Tue, Thurs and Sunday.  Friday will be the day off and Mon, Wed and Saturday will be cardio days.  anxious to see how it goes.

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