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January 23, 2011

Spiritual Prep:

At Church today, the discussion was around faith.  What it is and the place it holds in our lives.  For me I find faith to be more on the positive side vs the negative side.  Guess you can have faith in something and not be to sure of an accurate outcome so in a lot cases I think faith can be more like hope.  You can have hope more like a wish (I hope things have a good ending) or your hope can be founded in faith (I know I can count on the ending).  Really believing I can count on the outcome causes me to behave much more deliberate in faith than “kinda”, “maybe” and “perhaps” sort of— way.   Not that I have attained an absolute faith, I know the more I act according to my faith and beliefs, the stronger it grows and the more I can see the Truth in my life.  

Training Prep:

Off day but spent the afternoon charting out a weight routine.  My ankle is still very stiff and Iam waiting to be approved for an MRI.  X-ray didn’t reveal anything but MD thinks I have a floater.  I think I am just getting old and paying for my younger days when tape cured everything.  Maybe I just have to run through the discomfort.  Weights will help my over all strength.  The older we get the more important it is to do some resistance work to maintain our health and balance.  Strong core helps everything.     

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