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January 20, 2011

Spiritual Prep:

We are tied to the world, the entire world.  The conference I am at is the political lobby for the industry I work in daily.  The world is a complex place as it grows larger and larger.  Technology has made it smaller and we are connected in so many ways.  I see it in the business we do here in the United States and how we must think about how others do business in other countries.  We truly depend on one another.  Our lives are interlock with people we don’t even know today.  Believers across the world.  We are bound in our need for God and the work he has given each of us to do.  Our attention is turned to those in Haiti.  It may one day turn to another part of the world but today, Haiti.  I ask the Lord to strengthen us and the work he has called us in our hearts to do. 

Training Prep:

Had a short break today between business and dinner.  Went out and grabbed a 6 mile run.  Great running track here.  First 3 miles just a jog.  Let the GPS run out of juice so can’t tell my pace so had to go by feel.  The second 3 miles I did 100 yard sprints and 100 year walks.  Felt good then, little still now.

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