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January 18, 2011

About Haiti:

Once the richest European colony in the Americas, Haiti is now the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Roughly half of all Haitians live in absolute poverty (earning less than $1 a day) and have no access to clean water. Haiti is a Caribbean nation less than 700 miles Miami’s glitzy skyline – a day’s drive if your car could float, or a short international flight.  Yet very few Americans know much about the country.From the beginning of its rich but tragic history, Haiti has been shaped by the actions of adventurers, missionaries, opportunists, and governments.  All the good and the bad of Haiti are a product of that history.We should be cautious about accepting simplistic explanations about Haiti, and we should be slow to criticize. Northwest Haiti Christian Mission believes that understanding the country, its people and its communities is an essential part of demonstrating Christ’s love in Haiti.  Reliable statistics about Haiti are hard to come by.  Relatively little data is kept by the Haitian government, and false assumptions and misinformation run rampant even among frequent visitors to Haiti. 

Spiritual Prep:

I was amazed when I visited Haiti.  No question the confusion and loss is visible. The roads are in terrible shape, rocky and rough.  That is the way it can be with non believers.  If our road is rough and not smooth, the ride may be to rough.  Do your best to make sure your speech and story is smooth and comfortable.  The Spirit will make people uncomfortable.  That is his job not ours.  Ours it to tell the story.  Make it smooth.  Practice.  Be prepared. 

Training Prep:

No work today.  Had a meeting that took me to late in the evening.  Plan to run early morning.  Will do 40 minutes on the treadmill and watch the early morning news.  FOX News baby!  

Training prep: 

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