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January 16, 2011

News from Haiti:

More than 1,600 people have died of cholera in Haiti since the disease first appeared in the central part of the country in October, with numerous cases and deaths in the Northwest Department. NWHCM staff and partner organizations continue working tirelessly to stem the epidemic, though the number of cases appears to be slowing for the moment in the Northwest.

Nearly 50,000 cholera cases have been reported across the nation, according to the World Health Organization. Health officials estimate as many as 270,000 people in Haiti may be sickened by the disease in coming years.

To date, more than 40 patients have died of cholera in NWHCM’s treatment center in Saint-Louis du Nord. As of last week, NWHCM staff were treating between 30 and 70 patients a day from towns around the region, though the number of patients has slowed somewhat.

Spiritual Prep:

It is Sunday and preparations are being made here and in Haiti to worship the Lord together.  On the first day of the week, we gather to give thanks, praise and petition the Lord as a group of belivers.  There is power in gathering as a group.  To support each other in our lives, to study/learn and to offer up one large voice, I know is a sweet sound.  If you have dropped off in your attendance of this gathering, let me encourage you to plug back in on a consistant basis.  Adding your voice and mind to an assembly will please the Lord.  Lord, we give thanks for a Savior.  Build in Haiti.  Take our efforts and multiply the effectivness of our specific work for these people.  Resting In You we ask.  Amen


Like knowing smoking is bad for us, everyone must know exercise is good for us.  Like most things, getting started is hard and keeping it up the hardest part.  But the work itself is not that hard.  Sometimes people start out to hard and quit because they get sore and it hurts.  Doesn’t have to be that way.  First, get a physical to be sure you are healthy enough for exercise.  Walking is the way to start.  Doesn’t require pain, just time.  I suggest you get a heart rate monitor.  For aerobic/heart health, your heart rate is the key.  The simple equation is 220-age=maximum heart rate.  Exercising at 60-75% of your max heart rate for 40 minutes a day, at least 6 days a week; combined with watching your food intake is a key way to lose weight.  Trust me, watching the food is much harder than the exercise.  But it is the combination that works.  Start out walking and watching the heart rate to keep it in the range above, will not hurt your body.  Warning, as you get in better shape, it will take harder work to keep it in the range.  If that happens, you are getting in shape.   Next is aerobic heart rate 75-85% for 30 minutes a day at least 5 days a week will keep you heart healthy and weight in line if you control you calorie intake.  Really simple so keep it that way so you won’t lose your desire.  Do the time and good things will happen.  Get some friends you can count on or join a group.  You will like what you see in just a few weeks.

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