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January 12, 2011

 It has been one year since the devastating earthquake in Haiti.  It was estimated to have killed well over 200,000 people.  Who knows how many more lay in the ruins yet undiscovered?  It destroyed virtually all the government buildings and left a million homeless, thousands maimed and hungry.  Rains and the normal life have compounded the tragedy.  Add to it all, a recent outbreak of Cholera which now threatens the entire population.  Things were not good before this cataclysmic event.  Things are not better now.  All the potential aid poured into the country is still not being used effectively or efficiently due to the chaos left in the aftermath.  Government and most personal records were destroyed along with many of the government workers who knew the how’s, when’s and where’s- of the country and the people’s affairs.  The country is barely functioning.  The ruble is still there with little progress to remove and rebuild.  It will be slow work.  The tent cities are still where ever there is space.  But there is always hope!  Some of the money committed to Haiti by other countries and the Red Cross, has been given to the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) for distribution.  It is the NGOs who know the country and know how to effectively and efficiently distribute money and goods without the help of the government.  With the formal government in disarray much of the assistance to the country is sitting to be slowly given to the people.   I am please to be working with Northwest Haiti Christian Mission again this year.  Their presence and ability to serve in the northwest region of the country, the poorest area is absolutely amazing.   I hope you were encouraged last year with the outstanding generosity you modeled using “Run Mark Run”.  You pledged over $36,000 for the ongoing medical aid for the people, your neighbors, friends, brothers and sisters of Haiti.  Our ultimate collection was a very high percent of the dollars you pledged but that was to be expected because of who you are.  With your help and support, we learned a lot last year and seek to continue our efforts and hopefully your support.  To raise over six-figures and reach as many people as possible, we needed to start earlier.  Last year we really gave the effort less than 60 days and by most “e” experts, we should have allowed at least 120 days.  So we start NOW!  The race is May 7th. 

The “blog” seemed especially effective and still receives comments as people are still finding the site today even though I have not made an entry since May 2010.   It will be important for you to help spread the news as you did last year.  Tap in your face book, twitter and email friends and contacts!  We will keep the same flow of the journey as we did last year.  The focus will be on preparation.  The goal of the training schedule will be to report on the spiritual and physical prep of the journey.  I will do my best to post daily and give you insights into the people and communities of the Northwest region of Haiti and the people you helped last year and will help this year.     We hope you will be very active with comments and thoughts.  Your contribution will be appreciated and acknowledged as having been a contributor.   Who knows what manuscript we might put together that will be helpful for others.   It is my prayer that you will find our work together as uplifting and energizing as I do.  To be a part of helping the poorest in our world, just by doing the things you would normally do will make a difference in your life as well.  I was struck by a comment someone made to me at a golf fund raising event for another great cause.  He was reflecting on how many people and resources it was taking to hopefully raise $15,000.  Contrasted to how you and I worked together.  Through your normal communications to others and a race I normally would run for fun and health, we together produced an abnormal result of raising $36,000, which will have a lasting effect for days, years and decades to come.  Is that COOL or what!  

So, R U up 4 it again?  We are! 

Last year as you may recall, I started the race with a team of runners at the very back of the pack of all 35,000+ entrants to the 13 mile race.  It was the OneAmerica Mini Marathon (the largest half marathon in the world) in Indianapolis, the first week of May.  The hope was that you would give me a penny for everyone I passed.  Some gave fixed amounts and some gave up to 10 cents a head for everyone passed and some gave a penny up to a cap.  Our website kept the tally of pledges daily.  I had no idea how it would turn out or how many people I could or would pass.  That day, I ran a personal best and passed over 12,000 people before the finish.  I finished with a time of 2 hrs and 20 minutes.  Slow except I am not a spring chicken, a rather used one at age 59.    

This year I will be doing the same thing but will be adding a different twist.  Last year it was “Run Mark Run” this year it will be “Run Marks’ Run”.  I will be enlisting several people who have a passion to help Haiti and have the name, Mark.  They will comprise a running team and will be helping to spread the news and raise money for their efforts as well.  We will practice the definition of teamwork used by John Maxwell in his book, Talent is not Enough.  “We will divide the work and multiply the result”.   The money we raise this year will be specifically given and used for: Clean Water Filters / Food / Medicine.  There will be more to come on these three areas of need and how to stay up on the running team. 

I hope you will join us in this effort again.    We will be rolling out different looks on the site and perhaps individual sites for each team member.  Thanks for watching and reading. 

runmarkrun.net –   PASS IT ON!

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